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Online portfolio management software that help you build and manage a globally diversified ETF investment portfolio.

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How it works

You complete a short risk profile questionnaire.

InvestPlex's algorithms create a portfolio for you.

You go to your broker and buy the recommended ETFs.

InvestPlex's will monitor 24/7 and alert you if changes are need it.

What is InvestPlex's mission?

  • Teach you how to invest in the stock market removing emotions from investment decisions.
  • Help you get rid of the noise and chaos from wall street and untrustworthy financial advisors.
  • Keep you away from expensive and poorly managed mutual funds.

How InvestPlex's portfolios are performing.

  • Conservative Portfolio

    Inception Date 2016-01-04
    1 Month-0.47%
    3 Month0.04%
    6 Month2.44%
    YTD return1.06%
    1 Year5.36%
    3 Years14.30%
    5 Years13.92%
  • Moderate Portfolio

    Inception Date 2016-01-04
    1 Month-0.49%
    3 Month0.15%
    6 Month3.70%
    YTD return3.43%
    1 Year10.50%
    3 Years19.00%
    5 Years24.55%
  • Growth Portfolio

    Inception Date 2016-01-04
    1 Month-0.49%
    3 Month0.14%
    6 Month5.04%
    YTD return6.25%
    1 Year17.35%
    3 Years25.27%
    5 Years37.18%
  • Aggressive Portfolio

    Inception Date 2016-01-04
    1 Month-0.52%
    3 Month0.16%
    6 Month6.00%
    YTD return8.11%
    1 Year22.07%
    3 Years29.55%
    5 Years47.88%
  • Sector S&P 500 Portfolio

    Inception Date 2016-01-04
    1 Month-0.84%
    3 Month2.53%
    6 Month9.16%
    YTD return19.22%
    1 Year40.66%
    3 Years49.12%
    5 Years90.39%
  • Global Equity Portfolio

    Inception Date 2016-01-04
    1 Month-0.48%
    3 Month0.51%
    6 Month7.28%
    YTD return10.56%
    1 Year27.51%
    3 Years35.68%
    5 Years62.36%
  • Global Emerging Markets Portfolio

    Inception Date 2016-01-04
    1 Month-0.69%
    3 Month-5.02%
    6 Month0.58%
    YTD return4.36%
    1 Year34.60%
    3 Years14.35%
    5 Years22.91%

Performance shown as of September 25, 2021

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Portfolio performance is based on price return, where the return measure considers only the capital appreciation and does not considers the reinvestment of dividends received. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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no credit card required

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