Invest like an institutional investor

Imagine having the same resources and technology that institutional investors use to build a diversified investment portfolio. Imagine having exposure to different asset classes without having to buy any individual stock or having to spend your life worrying about the ups and downs of the stock market. Learn more.

Unbiased advice based on your unique personal circumstances

Our software will perform an assessment of your investment profile and will put together a diversified ETF portfolio based on your own willingness and ability to take risks. No more advisors, brokers or bankers calling you all day recommending investments you don’t understand or trust. Learn more.

Get alerts when your portfolio is out of balance

Get alerts when your portfolio is out of balanceOnce we help you build an ETF portfolio, our software will monitor it 24/7 and will alert you when your portfolio is out of balance. It’s like having a personal coach that will tell you when and how to rebalance (sell or buy) your portfolio in order to keep you on track to meet your investment goals. Learn more.

Save money with ETF investing

ETFs are a lot like mutual funds. They offer diversification and broad market exposure but with lower management fees. A typical ETF will charge you about 0.2% per year in fees in comparison with a typical mutual fund fee of 1.5%. Over the long term, these high mutual fund fees will eat into your returns and delay your investment goals. Learn more.

Get rid of your expensive and poorly managed mutual fund

If you are already invested in mutual funds and you want InvestPlex to help you build, monitor and rebalance your portfolio, don’t worry, we can help. We have a method to find the right ETF to replace a particular mutual fund so that you get the same market exposure but with a more reliable and cost effective approach. Learn more.

Part of your financial team

You can keep using you broker, dealer or private banking account. We understand that moving money between institutions is not as easy as it used to be and that even opening new accounts can be a compliance nightmare. Learn more.

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